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  • Performance indicators
  • Comfort (additional options)*
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The modern and comfortable Cruise bus on Scania chassis is ideal both for long-distance intercity and tourist routes.

Electronic suspension control with a body lifting and lowering function makes it easy to overcome severe road sections. The bus complies with all requirements applicable to this class, including active and passive safety requirements as per UNECE Regulations.

POLAR VERSION: increased body thermal insulation: additional winterization of side walls, roof, and floor; radiator and front heater protection, additional heaters in the driver's cabin and passenger compartment.


  • High reliability of main units. Operational life – at least 1 mln. km.
  • High reliability of the body. Operational life – at least 12 years.
  • Suspension reliability on roads with any surfacing (including mountain terrains)

Performance indicators

  • Operational economy: service interval– 60 thous. km
  • High depreciable value
  • Extensive service station network

Comfort (additional options)*

  • Individual passenger service units
  • WC, kitchen, customized painting, etc.
  • Audio/video system, Wi-Fi
  • Electronic digital route indicators
  • Climate control
  • On-board computer
  • Cruise control

* Option. Can be outside the scope of standard specification.


  • Electronic Stability Control (ESP)
  • Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR)
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)
  • Emergency brake system (Brake Assist)
  • Active-Rollover Protection (ARP)
  • DVR for external and internal surveillance
  • Fire-fighting system (Automatic fire detection and fighting system)

* Option. Can be outside the scope of standard specification.

  • Technical characteristics
  • Basic characteristics
  • Unit specifications

Technical characteristics

Length/Width/Height, mm 12060/2550/3440 (3700 with A/C) 12060/2550/3440 (3700 with A/C)
Door number/width, mm 2/650 1/860 +1/800 1/860 +1/800
Ceiling height in passenger compartment, mm 2000 2000
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Basic characteristics

Body type Integral, all-metal, wagon-type Integral, all-metal, wagon-type
Min. turning radius, m 11,4 11,4
Unladen/ fully loaded weight, kg 13400…14400/18000 13800...14800/18000
Front/rear axle load, kg 6500/11500 6500/11500
Total passenger capacity (including seats) 47 (47+1), 45 (45+1) with bio-toilet 47 (47+1)
Capacity of fuel tank/gas cylinders, l 465 1200 (8 cylinders 150 l each)
Chassis/axle Scania K400 IB4x2 / Scania AMA860/АDA1300 Scania K400 IB4x2 / Scania AMA860/АDA1300
Steering gear
Braking system Electronic-pneumatic system (EBS) with automatic brake clearance adjustment, fully independent circuits, engine brake Pneumatic, dual-circuit, independent circuits. Disk brakes on all wheels.
Ventilation Mixed: natural ‒ roof hatches; forced ‒ exhaust blower, front heater and climate control Mixed: natural ‒ roof hatches; forced ‒ exhaust blower, front heater and climate control
Heating system Convector type, starting liquid preheater Convector type, starting liquid preheater
Tyres 295/80 R 22,5 295/80 R 22,5

Unit specifications

Parameters Scania DC13 113 Scania OC09 106
Engine Diesel engine Gas engine
Number and arrangement of cylinders 6R, vertical 5R, vertical
Emission standard Euro-5 Euro-6
Displacement, l 12.7 9.29
Engine power, kW (HP)/min 294 (400) @ 1900 min-1 235 (320) @ 1900 min-1
Max. torque, Nm/min 2100 @ 1000-1300 min-1 1500
Location Rear, longitudinal Rear, longitudinal
Transmission Scania GR875R (8-speed), manual with Opticruise (automatic gear changing system) automatic: ZF 6AP 1400В Ecolife (6-speed)
Max. speed, km/h 100 – with overspeed limiter 100 – with overspeed limiter
Bus warranty 1 year, no mileage limit 1 year, no mileage limit