LiAZ-5256 intercity


LiAZ-5256 intercity

LiAZ-5256 intercity

Large-class bus for intercity service


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    body life

  • passenger capacity


    passenger capacity

  • seats



  • max. speed


    max. speed

  • wheel arrangement


    wheel arrangement

  • emission standard


    emission standard

  • Description
  • Reliability
  • Performance indicators
  • Comfort (additional options)*
  • Safety*


LIAZ-5256 meets all technical requirements for intercity transport. Owing to advanced painting procedures, anti-corrosion treatment, application of galvanized sheet at facing sides, the body life to perforation corrosion is not less than 12 years.

The bus is equipped by both domestic and imported components of the customer's choice.

Soft adjustable passenger seats, high-quality plastic components in the design of interior, soft lighting, luggage compartments and shelves for hand baggage provide comfort during intercity routes up to 500 km.


  • High reliability of components, units and body
  • Improved consumer characteristics

Performance indicators

  • Reasonable price
  • High serviceability
  • Unification with other LiAZ models

Comfort (additional options)*

  • A/C
  • Audio/video system
  • Electronic route indicators
  • Tinted glass units

* Option. Can be outside the scope of standard specification.


  • DVR for external and internal surveillance
  • Digital tachograph
  • Fog lights
  • Safety belts

* Option. Can be outside the scope of standard specification.

  • Technical characteristics
  • Basic characteristics
  • Unit specifications

Technical characteristics

Parameters LiAZ-5256 intercity
Length/Width/Height, mm 11400/2500/3207 (3310 with A/C)
Door number/width, mm 2/650 2/760
Ceiling height in passenger compartment, mm 1950…2100

Basic characteristics

Parameters LiAZ-5256 intercity
Body type Integral, all-metal, wagon-type
Min. turning radius, m 11.5
Unladen/ fully loaded weight, kg 11300...16700
Front/rear axle load, kg 5900/10800
Total passenger capacity (including seats) 66 (44/45+1)
Capacity of fuel tank/gas cylinders, l 238
Chassis/axle KAAZ 5256-3000012-10, with cross-rail and drum brakes / RABA, А-209.17-3300 (transmission ratio i=4.778 single, hypoid)
Steering gear RB-Servocom 8098, hydraulic power steering
Braking system Air, double-circuit, with ABS
Ventilation Mixed: natural ‒ roof hatches and windows; forced ‒ front heater in the driver’s cabin
Heating system Liquid system using heat of the engine cooling system and autonomous liquid heater
Tyres 275/70 R 22,5

Unit specifications

Parameters YAMZ-53621-42 YAMZ-53601-42
Engine Diesel engine Diesel engine
Number and arrangement of cylinders 6R, vertical 6R, vertical
Emission standard Euro-5 Euro-5
Displacement, l 6.65 6.65
Engine power, kW (HP)/min 180 (245) @ 2300 min-1 228 (310) @ 2300 min-1
Max. torque, Nm/min 897 @ 1300…1600 min-1 1221 @ 1300…1600 min-1
Location Rear, longitudinal Rear, longitudinal
Transmission manual: ZF,6S-1200 manual: ZF,6S-1200
Max. speed, km/h 90 90
Bus warranty 1.5 year or 150 thous. km 1.5 year or 150 thous. km