PAZ-32053-70 school bus


PAZ-32053-70 school bus

PAZ-32053-70 school bus

Small-class bus for children transportation


  • passenger capacity


    body life

  • passenger capacity


    passenger capacity

  • seats

    20+2 accomp.


  • max. speed


    max. speed

  • wheel arrangement


    wheel arrangement

  • emission standard


    emission standard

  • Description
  • Reliability
  • Performance indicators
  • Comfort*
  • Safety*
  • Design


PAZ-32053-70 school bus version fully complies with GOST 51160-98 "Buses for transporting children. Technical requirements".

The bus has 22 or 23 seats, including seats for accompanying adults. Emergency buttons for communication with the driver are placed near each row. The driver's workplace is equipped with internal and external loudspeakers. All seats are equipped with special safety belts. The bus has luggage racks for backpacks.

An additional step near the front door helps to board to small passengers. Special devices prevent movement when the doors are open and limit speed under 60 km/h. All buses for transporting children are equipped with electrically heated rear-view mirrors and a back-up alarm.

The buses are equipped with a digital tachograph with a CIPF unit and Granit-Navigator 2.07 subscriber terminal.

POLAR VERSION: double glazing of side windows and passenger compartment insulation.


  • Enhanced consumer characteristics
  • Suspension reliability on roads with any surfacing
  • Spare parts accessibility

Performance indicators

  • Reasonable price
  • Minimum payback period
  • High serviceability


  • Audio system
  • Polar version
  • Tinted glazing

* Option. Can be outside the scope of standard specification.


  • DVR of external and internal video surveillance
  • Digital tachograph
  • Fog lights
  • Antiskid steps
  • Additional step
  • Emergency call button
  • Device limiting speed and preventing movement with open doors
  • Special safety belts

* Option. Can be outside the scope of standard specification.


  • Modern interior and exterior design
  • Searchlight-type lenses
  • A curved front bumper improves aerodynamics.
  • Technical characteristics
  • Basic characteristics
  • Unit specifications

Technical characteristics

Parameters PAZ-32053-70
Length/Width/Height, mm 7000/2500/2960
Door number/width, mm 2/650 1/726+ 1 emergency/600
Ceiling height in passenger compartment, mm 1965

Basic characteristics

Parameters PAZ-32053-70
Body type Integral, wagon-type
Min. turning radius, m 7,6
Unladen/ fully loaded weight, kg 5080…5590/6270…6780
Front/rear axle load, kg 2740…3100/3510…3700
Total passenger capacity (including seats) 22 (20+2 for accomp.)
Capacity of fuel tank/gas cylinders, l 95
Chassis/axle KAAZ
Steering gear hydraulic power steering
Braking system Dual-circuit air brake system with ABS. Separate front/rear wheel brakes.
Ventilation Natural, through side windows and roof hatches
Heating system Passenger compartment heaters (gasoline); autonomous starting liquid preheater and passenger compartment heaters (Diesel)
Tyres 8,25 R20

Unit specifications

Parameters ZMZ 52342.10 YAMZ-534 MMZ D-245.9
Engine Gasoline engine Diesel engine Diesel engine
Number and arrangement of cylinders 8, V- type at an angle of 90° 4R 4R
Emission standard Euro-4 Euro-5 Euro-5
Displacement, l 4.67 4.43 4.75
Engine power, kW (HP)/min 90 (122.4) @ 3200 min-1 99 (134.6)/ 109.5 (148.9) @ 2300 min-1 95.5 (129.8) @ 2400 min-1
Max. torque, Nm/min 288 @ 1600…2000 min-1 422 @ 1200…2100 min-1 / 583 @ 1300…1600 min-1 455 @ 1200…1600 min-1
Location Front, longitudinal Front, longitudinal Front, longitudinal
Transmission manual: GAZ-3307, 4 or 5-speed manual: S5-42, 5-speed, FastGear 5DS60T, 5- speed manual: SAAZ- 3206, 320670 5- speed
Max. speed, km/h 60 60 60
Bus warranty 2 years or 60 thous. km 1.5 years or 75 thous. km 1.5 years or 50 thous. km