GAZ Group delivers 25 ambulances for Nizhny Novgorod region

GAZ Group delivers 25 ambulances for Nizhny Novgorod region
GAZ Group delivered 25 ambulances to medical institutions of the Nizhny Novgorod region within the framework of the state program for the purchase of medical vehicles. 15 vehicles are based on GAZelle NEXT van, the newest model of GAZ brand. The other 10 models are build on Sobol 4x4 platform and have outstanding off-road characteristics. All the vehicles belong to class B.

The vehicles are designed to provide medical care and transportation of emergency patients. Each vehicle is equipped with a defibrillator, an electrocardiograph with ECG recording capability, a portable pulse oximeter, a controlled and assisted lung ventilation device, a glucose concentration express meter in blood and other medical equipment.

To ensure comfortable working conditions for medical personnel, the vehicle is equipped with swivel chairs and a soft seat with three-point seat belts for accompanying people, additional lights, sockets, battery, and a noise insulation system. The equipment has a combined autonomous power supply of 220V / 12V. LED lighting enhances the energy efficiency of the vehicle and provides convenient conditions for doctors to work. The autonomous heater with increased power and additional thermal insulation by far meet the requirements of technical regulations for maintaining a comfortable temperature regime in the cabin. The interior trim made of unified molded panels facilitates its disinfection and maintenance.

The distinctive features of the GAZelle NEXT van include a spacious cabin with good visibility, informative steering system, and ergonomic driver's seat with five adjustments. The independent front suspension and reinforced rear suspension with an anti-roll bar ensure smooth ride. The cruise control and ABS system are standard features of the vehicle.

The Sobol 4x4 in standard configuration is already equipped with powerful off-road equipment that makes you feel confident in most hostile terrains: a part-time AWD, high clearance, step-down gear, Eaton rear axle differential locking, large suspension travel. The basic equipment also includes a starting preheater and an additional interior heater.

Oleg Markov, AZ GAZ Sales Director:

- While developing ambulances, we are mainly focused, above all, on safety, comfort and reliability. The operational availability rate of these vehicles should be as high as possible. We managed to achieve the operational availability rate of 0.97 - 0.98 of the sold NEXT family vehicles. These are very high figures, much higher even than the standard ones. Such results are achieved both thanks to the vehicle design reliability and introduction of modern standards in service and maintenance.