GAZ Group presents the new electric bus to Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow, and Andrey Vorobyov, Governor of Moscow region

GAZ Group presents the new electric bus to Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow, and  Andrey Vorobyov, Governor of Moscow region
GAZ Group has shown its new electric bus to Sergei Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow, and to Andrey Vorobyov, Governor of Moscow region. The presentation of the e-bus took place at Likinsky bus plant (LIAZ) as a part of the ceremony of signing of the agreement between the Government of Moscow and the Government of Moscow Region on cooperation aming to develop the industrial potential of the region.

The new e-bus developed by GAZ is designed in compliance with the results of the trial operation held in January-July 2017 and in accordance with the terms of reference of Mosgortrans for the supply of e-buses to Moscow, as well as the General requirements of the capital to the public transport system that today are the most stringent ones in the country and meet the requirements of the leading European capitals.

GAZ e-bus is equipped with lithium-titanate batteries that provide ultra-fast charging for 10-18 minutes and make it possible to operate the bus on city routes of any length. To provide the passengers with comfort and safety, the e-bus has 2-zone HVFC system, multiplex control system that allows to remotely monitor more than 300 parameters (including the technical condition of all the systems of the vehicle, the air temperature in the passenger compartment, wear of consumables, etc.), as well as the kneeling system (tilt of the bus to the side of the bus stop) and the CCTV system. The e-bus is designed for transportation of 85 passengers and has 27 seats, with the possibility of fixing a chair for low-mobility passengers.

The e-bus was created by GAZ in cooperation with Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman on the basis of a large-class low-floor LIAZ-5292 bus. This popular model proved its efficiency while operating on the roads of Russian cities. The concept based on the popular model allows to achieve maximum economic efficiency for the carrier in terms of the cost of the operation and maintenance of the bus.

GAZ Group has conducted the longest tests of an e-bus ever held in Russia. During the trial operation in Moscow from January to July 2017, the first prototype of the e-bus covered the mileage of more than 13,5 km, transporting more than 25 000 passengers. The trail operation lasted 7 months, including 5 months spent in carrying passengers along the route "Fili-Metro station Kitay-Gorod" in a two-shift mode, with 2 months of tests before that, including with the cargo ballast. The trial operation allowed to clarify the necessary parameters of operation of electric vehicles in Moscow, based on which the new prototype of GAZ e-bus was developed.

With the development of the electric transport market, "GAZ Group is in position to produce various version of e-buses for specific requirements of the customers suitable for different operating conditions. For example, the e-bus with slow charging and quick recharge capability, tested on the routes in Moscow in 2017, is well suited to resort areas, airports and short routes in cities with the daily mileage of up to 220 km. The model presented today, is the electric bus with ultra fast charging, perfect for more intensive use covering up to 350 km per day.