Middle-class bus for city and suburban service


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The most demanded domestic middle-class bus in Russia, unified with PAZ-32054 to a high degree, which provides simplicity and reliability of operation and increases economic efficiency of passenger traffic.

The exterior of PAZ-4234 has been restyled: a new design of the front and rear body panels, new lighting fixtures and changes that increase the bus performance.

POLAR VERSION: double glazed side windows, passenger compartment insulation.

SCHOOL VERSION: in accordance with GOST R51160-98 "Buses for transporting children. Technical requirements".


  • Improved consumer characteristics
  • Suspension reliability on roads with any surfacing

Performance indicators

  • Reasonable price
  • Low operating cost
  • Minimum payback period in passenger transportation mode
  • High serviceability
  • Spare parts accessibility

Comfort (additional options)*

  • Audio system
  • Polar version
  • Tinted glazing
  • Wheels 19.5”

* Option. Can be outside the scope of standard specification

Safety *

  • Digital tachograph
  • Fog lights
  • Safety belts

* Option. Can be outside the scope of standard specification.


  • Modern exterior and interior design
  • Searchlight lenses
  • Curved front bumper improves aerodynamics
  • Technical characteristics
  • Basic characteristics
  • Unit specifications

Technical characteristics

Parameters PAZ-4234
Length/Width/Height, mm 8165/2500/2890 (for class I-II), 2960 (for class II)
Door number/width, mm 2/650 2/726
Ceiling height in passenger compartment, mm 1965

Basic characteristics

Parameters PAZ-4234
Body type Integral, wagon-type
Min. turning radius, m 9,3
Unladen/ fully loaded weight, kg 6445…6640/9895…9995
Front/rear axle load, kg 3680…3890/6105…6215
Total passenger capacity (including seats) 50 (30+1); 45 (27+1)
Capacity of fuel tank/gas cylinders, l 95
Chassis/axle KAAZ
Steering gear Hydraulic power steering
Braking system Dual-circuit air brake system with ABS. Separate front/rear wheel brakes.
Ventilation Natural, through side windows and roof hatches
Heating system Autonomous liquid starting preheater and passenger compartment heaters
Tyres 245/70R19,5 (for class I-II); 8,25 R20 (for class II and spec.)

Unit specifications

Parameters YAMZ-534 MMZ D-245.9 Cummins ISF 3
Engine Diesel engine Diesel engine Diesel engine
Number and arrangement of cylinders 4R 4R 4R
Emission standard Euro-5 Euro-5 Euro-5
Displacement, l 4.43 4.75 3.76
Engine power, kW (HP)/min 109.5 (148.9) @ 2300 min-1 95.5 (129.8) @ 2400 min-1 122 (165.9) @ 2600 min-1
Max. torque, Nm/min 583 @ 1300…1600 min-1 455 @ 1200…1600 min-1 592 @ 1300…1700 min-1
Location front, longitudinal front, longitudinal front, longitudinal
Transmission manual: ZF S5-42, 5-speed manual: ZF S5-42, 5-speed, SAAZ 3206 manual: ZF S5-42, 5-speed
Max. speed, km/h 80 (for class I-II); 95 (for class II) 80 (for class I-II); 95 (for class II) 80 (for class I-II); 95 (for class II)
Bus warranty 1.5 years or 75 thous. km 1.5 years or 50 thous. km 1.5 years or 75 thous. km